Pathway of the Planets

At the mountain

Pathway of the Planets

On a scale of 1:10 billion, each approximately one-meter step you take will be equivalent to traveling an astral distance of 10 million kilometers.

Path length: 600m

Pathway of the planets: discover the universe at your fingertips
Have you ever dreamed of traveling among the stars? At Monte Generoso, we have turned that dream into a tangible adventure. We present you the pathway of the planets: a unique path that gives you a perspective on the vast solar system. Begin your exploration with the Sun and proceed with your journey into the space!

As you proceed along this fascinating path, located on the enchanting Swiss-Italian border, you will come face to face with detailed representations of every planet, from Mercury to faraway Pluto. And it's not just simple models: each stop is accompanied by valuable information, telling the stories and mysteries of the stars that populate our sky.

But what really surprises is the tangible feeling of space. You will realize the enormous distances that separate these celestial bodies and their disproportion to their actual size. It's a thought-provoking revelation: in this vast universe, our existence is just a tiny, almost imperceptible dot. To give you an idea: if we wanted to represent the nearest star on the same scale, we would have to place it a staggering 4,000 kilometers away.

And that is just the beginning. Just think that there is a universe overflowing with galaxies, each studded with billions of stars, many of which might have their own planetary systems, surprisingly similar to our own!

The sundial: time in your hands
Our sundial is not just a simple sundial. It is a vertical masterpiece tilted 10º 8' to the west, showing true solar time. This aluminum structure, 180 cm high and 150 cm wide, is supported by an elegant stainless steel pillar. It is a tribute to precision and beauty, created by Luigi Ferioli, Elia Cozzi, and Enzo Pfister, and made possible thanks to the support of the Management of the Ferrovia Monte Generoso.