Climate & Energy

Climate and energy

That's how we avoid waste, protect natural spaces, and protect the environment in all its forms. For us, at Monte Generoso, protecting nature and the landscape is key. That's why we care about regreening wooded areas and protecting biodiversity. But that's not all: we use energy-efficient implants, organise mountain clean-up days, and we also have a Swisstainable certification.  


A valuable natural habitat for the preservation of flora and fauna, which we have always protected at Monte Generoso! Since 2019, we have been recognised for our ability to maintain the greenery of the wild flower meadows around the Fiore di pietra, despite the influx of visitors. And we are proud of it! Wild flower meadows are areas that have to be mowed at specific intervals to promote biodiversity.


Looking after green areas in the mountain could be another activity where the Ferrovia Monte Generoso excels at! In 2019, we won the "Example of Best Practice" award, bestowed by the Association of Naturalistic Engineering, for successful regreening at high altitudes in Roncapiano, after the work carried out in previous years. Looking after the greenery makes the landscape even more spectacular!


This is a 350 m2 "pool of water" aimed at promoting biodiversity: we recreated and tested it before the authorities. Everyone loves our scenic train, but maintaining it must not affect the environment: this is why we restored the ancient "Alpe di Mendrisio" Bolla, the largest in the area, in 2023. Once used to water animals, today it is essential for small amphibians.

Catasta sassi

The stones and piles of wood are "natural structures" that line our trails and are home to many animals. If you love wild animals, come and see hedgehogs, woodpeckers, and other small critters: they all live under heaps of wood, piles of stones, or old rotten trunks in the surroundings of Bellavista. We never move them: this is how we really protect biodiversity.

Our achievements

Natura economia

Nature & Economy Foundation

A Swiss Foundation that issues renowned quality certificates: we have received recognition in various different areas.


Cutting CO2 & KWh

Keeping greenhouse gases and wasted energy under control is essential to reducing our energy impact on the region. 

My climate

My climate

We are the first ascent in Ticino and the first campsite in Switzerland to join the myclimate foundation's Cause We Care initiative. 



We do everything we can to protect the landscape, the environment, and the woods: our commitment is recognised. 

Migros certificate

MIGROS 2024 Certificate of Renewable Energy

We have purchased energy through the Federation of Migros Cooperatives that is 100 percent from renewable sources. 

Our myclimate commitment

The Swiss foundation that allows us to adopt a strategy to make your stays climate neutral. We are the first ascent in Ticino and the first campsite in Switzerland to join the myclimate foundation's Cause We Care initiative. This makes our guests' trips ecological: their contribution, which we double, enables us to reduce CO2 emissions.
Clean up

One day to clean up

In order to raise awareness among the tourists who walk on our trails, every year we organise a special litter pick. It's called Clean-Up Day: one day a year to remove what is scattered in nature, in partnership with the Vevey Summit Foundation and volunteers. In addition, we are always coming up with new ideas, such as the Clean-Up Derby between the two hockey clubs Lugano and Ambrì in 2022, or the Clean-Up with our suppliers in 2023.