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Mountain Bike

Starting at Bellavista, bikers ride along the track through a beautiful, shady beech forest until they reach the cantonal road leading to Capolago, which takes them past the art museum and the traditional wine cellars of Mendrisio. 

Note: Mountain bikes are not allowed on the “Nature Trail”. Walking route: “Bellavista – Vetta – Bellavista”



Paragliding is one of the most exciting experiences, especially when doing it above a landscape like Monte Generoso. Both routes allow you to admire the enchanting Lake Lugano region and the Alpine chain. With an elevation of 1704 m, the mountain and surrounding terrain are truly generous.

In fact, from this altitude you can fly north toward Mount Boglia and continue on to Sopraceneri or head south and reach Mount Cornizzolo in Italy. If you do not want to go very far, you can still enjoy the descent to Dosso Bello (1036 m) and follow Monte Caviano back to the peak if you can successfully clear Monte Bisbino (1325 m).

Tandem flight with passenger
Imagine flying in the sky above civilization, your lungs full of fresh air and enjoying breathtaking views in a totally safe way! A tandem paragliding flight from Monte Generoso is the perfect activity for families and also for children! There are no age limitations for flying, nor any special requirements. You only need a little bit of curiosity and enthusiasm! Tandem paragliding flights with tandem pilots can be organized every day of the week (weather permitting).

For more information:
Team Volo Libero:
Voli biposto parapendio Ticino: or Eagletandemfly

The take-off point is reached by walking a few minutes from "Fiore di pietra" toward the southwest on a marked trail. There are two take-off points (indicated by a windsock) in:

  • a pine forest
  • the Clericetti area leading up to the summit

The official landing area is on the two football fields next to Riva San Vitale’s new sports center, on the condition that there are no sports activities taking place. However, there is another landing area that is always accessible between the gym and the new field. Here there are no noteworthy obstacles. It is about a five minute walk from the landing area back to the Monte Generoso Railway.

It is also possible to land at Mendrisio San Martino in the large terrace near the church. From there you can get to the Mendrisio San Martino train station in a few minutes.

Attention: Wind in the valley can be very strong, especially during spring and summer, and so it may not be possible to reach the landing point. There are two weather stations for obtaining weather conditions in real time: