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130 Years of history

The first train journeys by steam locomotive to ascend the mountain were made in 1890. During the war years, its days as a tourist attraction seemed numbered, and the owner wanted to dismantle the railway and sell the tracks for iron. 

However, the Migros founder Gottlieb Duttweiler was convinced that access to the extraordinary panorama was worth preserving. Without hesitation, he bought the railway in 1941. 75 years on, it is still supported by the Migros Cultural Percentage initiative.

A brief history
of the Monte
Generoso railway


Doctor Carlo Posta builds the first little hotel on Monte Generoso Bellavista.

2 July 1886

Creation of the SA of Monte Generoso and first concession for the construction of a narrow gauge and cog railway.

4 June 1890

Inauguration of Monte Generoso Railway.


Sale of the FMG SA to SA Italo-Swiss Monte Generoso.


Recovery of the SA by Messrs. Hermann and Casoni.

27 March 1941

On the initiative of Charles Hochstrasser, Gottlieb Duttweiler buys the FMG.


Construction of the Hotel Restaurant Vetta.


Electrification of the railway.

1 January 1993

Takes over Sergio Barenco.


Inauguration of the Astronomical Observatory. Godmother Margherita Hack.


Opening of the "bear cave”.

7 July 2000

Purchase of the Bellavista and the old Hotel “Des Alpes”.

1 April 2005

Takes over Marco Bronzini.


Demolition of the old Hotel-Restaurant Vetta Monte Generoso.

1 January 2015

Takes over Francesco Pasquale Isgrò.

15 April 2015

Work start new tourist attraction "Fiore di pietra".

29 March 2017

Inauguration new attraction “Fiore di pietra”.

8 April 2017

Opening "Fiore di pietra".

1 August 2018

Takes over Lorenz Brügger.

11 November 2019

First phase of the replacement of the railway superstructure.

6 June 2020

Covid (late season opening).

14 October 2020

Decision to reopen Buvette Bellavista.

8 November 2020

Decision to relocate the Observatory.

9 November 2020

Second phase of the replacement of the railway superstructure.

3 may 2021

Dismantling of the Observatory and preparation for transfer to Gurten.

2021 Swiss Location Award

The Fiore di pietra at the summit of Monte Generoso enters the Top Ten of the most beautiful locations for meetings, conferences, workshops and team-building in Switzerland with the 'Excellent' seal of quality. It is the best in the whole of Ticino.