Monte Generoso
for persons with
a disability 

Individual travellers who depend upon a wheelchair, maximum 1 for train, do not require a converted railway carriage (wheelchairs may not be wider than 60 cm and also not electric). Our railway staff will assist with boarding and alighting from the train. 

For people with mobility difficulties the departure is possible from the Capolago station and from the summit.

One specially converted carriage is available for passengers with a disability who wish to travel to Monte Generoso in a group. Accompanying persons can travel with them in comfort.

Please take note of the following:

  • Train carriages for group travellers who are dependent upon a wheelchair are attached to the end of the trains that run according to the regular timetable (from 3 wheelchairs).    
  • Notification of the special transport must be given at least two days in advance.    
  • Wheelchairs may not be wider than 78 cm.
  • Each carriage seats eight persons with wheelchairs and four accompanying persons. 
  • The railway staff will be glad to assist with boarding and alighting from the train.  

Additional information is available at: