My Climate

Together we take care of the environment, so that you and future generations can continue to enjoy what nature has to offer.

Using resources sparingly to protect the environment is important to us. You can help us with this: As part of the myclimate «Cause We Care» initiative, we are giving you the opportunity to make a voluntary contribution with us for climate protection and sustainability.

For CHF 1.- per ticket and for CHF 10.- on top of the price of an season pass of the Ferrovia Monte Generoso you can support our sustainability efforts and offset the CO2 emissions generated by your experience. As a thank you, we promise to double the contribution. A part of the sum will be used to support valuable international carbon offset projects from the myclimate foundation. This way you can enjoy a climate-neutral experience in our region. The remaining amount will be invested in local organisational sustainability measures.

This is how it works

1) You book your experience with us and make a voluntary contribution to sustainability and climate protection. 

2) We will double this and place both contributions into the campings's own myclimate «Cause We Care» sustainability fund.

3) The fund will be used to finance local sustainability and climate protection measures (for example, such as investment in the placement of solar panels on the roof of the Capolago station). At the same time, the CO2 emissions generated by your experience will be offset through a carbon offset project from myclimate.

Together we can have double the impact. For nature, the environment, and the climate. Thank you very much! 
This commitment is realised in collaboration with the Swiss myclimate foundation as part of the «Cause We Care» programme.

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