We minimise waste by avoiding or limiting its production. We have adopted separate waste collection to promote waste recycling as a solution to reduce its negative effects and greenhouse gas emissions. We systematically recycle waste in all sectors and correctly dispose of residues.


We only use FSC-certified paper where possible.

Speaking of paper, FSC® stands for Forest Stewardship Council®.

This international, non-profit organisation was founded in 1993 by a number of environmental (including WWF and Greenpeace) and social groups, forest owners, wood and paper manufacturers, researchers, technicians and many other actors involved in the supply chain.

The association’s objective is to create an alternative to the indiscriminate destruction of forests by establishing a system to guarantee the origin of wood and wood products, including cellulose.

Through an international certification process, the Forest Stewardship Council® guarantees that the used raw material only comes from forests where strict environmental, social and economic standards are met, ensuring maximum protection of environmental resources and the rights of local people.

To date, the FSC® system is the world’s most accredited forest certification system, with over 28,000 certified holders in 81 countries and more than 180 million hectares of certified forest worldwide.