Fondazione Natura E Economia

We are aware of the central role of the landscape in attracting tourism and we exploit this concept in the development of tourism options and promotion of initiatives. We respect natural spaces and protected areas while minimising the impact on the landscape, promote biodiversity and contribute to environmentally sustainable development.

2019 - The Natura&Economia Foundation recognises the degree to which we have successfully maintained the wild flower meadows on the summit around the “Fiore di pietra”, despite the heavy influx of visitors.

2021 - Best Practice Example, an award given by the Nature Engineering Association for the successful completion of the high-altitude greening at Roncapiano to compensate for work done in previous years.


We optimise energy consumption through targeted investments, promote renewable energy sources (installation of solar panels, optimisation of heating systems, etc.) and reduce climate-damaging CO2 emissions.

As of 2019 and for ten years, we have committed ourselves with EnAW, the Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector in Zurich, to reducing CO2 emissions. CO₂ & kWh reduced: in 2020, we doubled our projected savings, and the Swiss government granted us the EnAW Climate protection through conviction for 2022-2023.

My Climate

In 2021, we were the leading mountain railway in the whole of Ticino and the first campsite in Switzerland to join the Cause We Care initiative run by the Swiss myclimate foundation.This allowed us to involve our guests by offering them the opportunity to make the rack railway trip and overnight stay at the campsite climate neutral. Thanks to their voluntary contribution of CHF 1.- per trip or per night per plot at the campsite, subsequently doubled by us, together we can offset CO2, investing the entire sum partly in international sustainable projects and the remainder in sustainable local development or within the company itself.

Discover more and find out how to compensate your train ride here

Discover more and find out how to compensate your overnight stay here

With the first funds raised through the myclimate initiative, 162 square metres of solar panels were installed on the roof of the Capolago offices. On 01.06.2022 there was a reduction in emissions of 15,450 kg of CO2, the equivalent of planting 461 new trees!

Pannelli Solari

We use renewable energy and carry out climate-neutral activities.

We offset the purchase of electricity with certifications. From 2023 we will obtain all our electricity from renewable sources.

Stazione Capolago

We are doing everything possible to promote combined solutions and we are optimising the connection to public transport to benefit our guests and reduce environmental impact. We have made accessibility by public transport one of our most important assets. The Capolago-Riva San Vitale station from which the rack railway to the summit of Monte Generoso departs can be reached by train from all over Switzerland and also by boat from Lugano. Camping Monte Generoso is located just 500 metres from Melano station.


We organise concrete activities with volunteers, cleaning the paths and green areas around the “Fiore di pietra” and the summit of Monte Generoso two or three times a year.