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After 130 years... we’re ready to write a new chapter in our history.

Want to play your part in the next 130 years?

From the 11 November 2019, after 130 years of service, we are renovating and replacing the railway line, and we want to give you the chance to sponsor this important event in the history of the rack railway, and so support the restoration of the chapel at the summit of Monte Generoso.
Once the work is completed, your name will be included on a commemorative panel that will pass on your love and support for Monte Generoso to future generations.
There are 9 km of rack railway available, divided up into 441 poles at CHF 130.00 each.

If you want to play an active role in the Ferrovia Monte Generoso for the next 130 years and beyond, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

T. +41 (0)91 630 51 11
[email protected]