Exhibition "Barcodes scenario" - Matteo Fieni

The selection of images presented by photographer Matteo Fieni (born 1976, Mendrisio, Switzerland) in this exhibition reflect on the act of photography itself. They offer a comprehensive summary of the visual research he has carried out over an approximately four-year period, since 2016, in Zurich, Paris and Milan, on the correlation between the symbolic encoding of the barcode and images assembled through superimposition. This system, like other auxiliary tools used in photography, like slow motion or magnification, allows people to discover their ‘optical unconscious’, in other words to perceive the space they develop subconsciously. Observing these photographs, one has the impression of confused phrases and intermittent impulses of love and regret synesthetically transforming into multicoloured curtains of light that cascade down, fold in on themselves and vanish. In these conceptual images, displayed here for the first time in public in Switzerland, Fieni constructs intriguing and engaging scenarios that allow viewers to become imaginary participants in a work of fiction.

Francesca Martinoli, Art Curator

from June 8th, to November 8th, 2020


All takes place with the full respect of security measures:

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