October 18th - Knock, knock…Autumn is at the door

October 18th - Knock, knock…Autumn is at the door

While nature is busy changing look and everything gradually quietens down…
the Chefs of the Fiore di pietra restaurant are immersed in the Ticinese territory,
breathing in the air of Lake Lugano and Monte Generoso; they propose a buffet
with autumn delicacies:
Rusticiada (pork and onion stew)
Cazöla (pork and cabbage stew)
Mixed boiled meats
Polenta and many other dishes!

The desserts with apples, chestnuts, nuts and carrots tickle your senses with their
colours, aromas and tastes; they remind us that the most beautiful season of the
year is approaching!

Departure from Capolago at 7.20 p.m.
Dinner at 8 p.m.
Descent 11.15 p.m

Adults: CHF 85. – 
Children aged 6-15: CHF 45. -
Children aged 0-5: free 

Drinks not included

Reservation required!

The offer is not cumulative

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