June 21st - With your head in the clouds

June 21st - With your head in the clouds

June, 21st 2019

With your head in the clouds ... 

A show with unique entertainment! You will be lifted to 30 metres above ground thanks
to the tethered flight in a hot air balloon, organised at the Bellavista Alp, which can be
reached in 5 minutes on foot from the Bellavista train station (the second from Capolago).

When looked at from below the huge coloured balloon will not seem very high as it floats
in the air, but try climbing aboard and you will see how your perception changes!

While waiting for your turn, an aperitif will be served. The evening will continue with the
train trip to the Fiore di Pietra restaurant for a dinner created ad hoc by the Chef, with
mousses, airy and frothy dishes, which will keep alive the sensation of delicacy and
lightness you felt on board.


Welcome canapés
Caprese 1700
Tomato, buffalo mozzarella cheese, basil
Pasta and rice
“Pizzicati” ravioli, filled with buscion goat cheese and borage, white guinea-hen ragout
and tomato puffed rice
Salmo salar
Salmon, panzanella (bread-vegetable-dish), asparagus foam and mint oil
... Under the clouds
Molten chocolate cake, strawberry and ginger sauce, blue blown sugar
Coffee and friandises

Adults: CHF 99. – 
Children aged 6-15: CHF 59. - 
Children aged 0-5: train free and menu à la carte 

You are kindly requested to sign this form and give it to the balloon staff on the day of the event: Download

In the event of wind or rain the balloon flight will be cancelled. As an alternative, visitors can visit the Astronomic Observatory with an expert stargazer or follow the presentation “Clouds and cosmic nebulae”.

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