11th June - Yoga Face & Smoothie

11th June - Yoga Face & Smoothie

A surprisingly useful meeting that will benefit your facial skin by toning, draining and oxygenating it.

You will learn how to correctly use the more than 30 muscles that enable you to smile, eat, talk, whistle and kiss. You will regain an unusual balance between posture and breathing, improving circulation and the lymphatic system of the entire body. Thanks to the final facial massage, stress and tiredness will disappear, as if by magic.

For the practice it is advisable to remove your make-up, wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat and a small towel.


09:25 Departure from Capolago
10:15-11:15 Yoga Face class on the panoramic terrace
Free return from Vetta according to the train schedule

The offer includes

Round trip on the cogwheel train
Yoga Face class
Smoothie at the 3° Floor (Bar)


Adults and children 6-15 years: CHF 45.00
Children aged 0-5: free

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