15th July - Dinner with OTAF

15th July - Dinner with OTAF

Solidarity and integration are the special ingredients of this dinner at the 'Fiore di pietra' Restaurant.

Thanks to the collaboration with the OTAF Foundation in Sorengo, which has been promoting a culture of caring for the needs of people with disabilities since 1917, this evening is dedicated precisely to encouraging their passion, creativity and autonomy in a serene working environment.

At the stove and in the dining room, then, will be the cooks, kitchen helpers and waiters of OTAF's hotel services, ready to bring all their skills to bear to delight guests' palates in a welcoming and joyful atmosphere.

The offer includes.

3-course menu
Travel by cogwheel train  Capolago-Vetta-Capolago


Departure from Capolago 7:00 pm
Return from Vetta 11:15 p.m.


Adults: CHF 85.00

Children 6-15 years: CHF 55.00
Children 0-5 years: by consumption


information follows

The offer is not cumulative

The event will be confirmed only with a minimum of 20 participants. 

Booking required! Book now!

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