Nnovember 5-6 - Circus Tonino & Corni dal Generus

Nnovember 5-6 - Circus Tonino & Corni dal Generus

Circo Tonino and Corni dal Generus on the summit of Monte Generoso

For the closing of the 2022 season, Circo Tonino arrives at the summit of Monte Generoso! A big party full of surprises and fun for all ages. There will be the children's make-up, magic tricks and clowns. 

Show times with the magician
11:30 am.
13:30 pm.
14:30 pm.
15:00 pm.

Travel by train according to official timetable.

Take advantage of the special offer for families:
1 adult and 1 child: CHF 68.00 
2 adults and 2-3 children: CHF 136.00

The offer is not cumulative

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