17th July - 6th November,  SU - Sirinat Kasikam

17th July - 6th November, SU - Sirinat Kasikam

Swiss-Thai Sirinat Kasikam is a self-taught artist with a passion for coloured pencils. Concepts such as awareness, interrelationships, boundaries, time and transience are an integral part of her work. Most of her works at Fiore di Pietra on Monte Generoso are pencil drawings on paper presented on canvas. The exhibition <sU> is named after the Italian preposition and adverb <sU>, meaning <on> or <up>. sU not only has a syntactic and transformative function, but also a positive connotation in expressions. With sU, the artist seeks to reflect on our life vertically, reminding us of fluid moments with up and down trajectories. The notion of the hope of the day when you reach the top of the mountain, while still holding out for smaller or bigger, more concrete or more spiritual goals, is a vital motivation. So onwards and upwards with life!

The entrance for the exhibition is free and in collaboration with Artrust

Travel by train based on the tariff plan and according to the official timetable.


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