October, 30th - Raclette

October, 30th - Raclette

An old saying goes: If happiness has a name, it's called Raclette! The key ingredient for a successful raclette-based evening are family and friends! Accompany it with a good Ticino wine from our selection, whether red or white, with the notes and aromas of the various Ticino terroirs or with a good cold beer.

Departure from Capolago at 7.00 p.m.
Descent 11.15 p.m

The offer includes
Cogwheel train round trip
Appetizer - Raclette at will - Dessert

Adults: CHF 85. -
Young 6-15: CHF 55. -

Booking required!

The offer is not cumulative

The event will be confirmed only with a minimum of 25 guests. 

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