June, 3th - Welcome to discovering the Fiore di pietra

June, 3th - Welcome to discovering the Fiore di pietra

A guided tour that will reveal the secrets of Mario Botta’s extraordinary structure and the history of one of the oldest working rack railways in Switzerland. How many years have trains been making the nine-kilometre climb up Monte Generoso? What was at the summit before the Fiore di pietra? How long did it take to build the Fiore, and how many tonnes of material were transported from the valley below? How many people can the gourmet restaurant seat? Does the Fiore di pietra have a custodian, and if so, where do they live? Discover these and many more interesting facts, and hear plenty of fascinating stories and legends. Tours are available on request in English and the national languages, and can be customised to your needs. 


CHF 15.00 per person
Payment on the same day at the Fiore di pietra shop on the 3rd floor

Reservation required!

The offer is not cumulative

Upcoming dates:
June, 29th
August, 15th

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