Monte Generoso

Technical data on electric line

Length of line:
9000 m
Cog Railway: ABT type
Transformer cabins: 2 Siemens (1 cabin at Capolago + 1 cabin at the summit)
Overhead line: Kummler&Matter
Energy supplier: AIL

Operating principle

The electric line is supplied from two transformer cabins, one is situated at Capolago and the other at the summit. The two cabins are connected to each other by a switch at km 5.2.
The cabins are fed with a three phase voltage of 16 KV 50 Hz.

The two Trafo-Union transformers

Type: TSUJ6044C
1000 KVA, 50 Hz.16 KV +5% -5%
Secondary: 650V, Yyo
Uk= 6,2% Po/Pk = ca 1,4 / 10,7 KW
The transformed voltage is rectified, and on the supply line we have a continuous current of 750 V, with a nominal 900 V in idle mode.
The maximum current is 2000 A.

Monte Generoso is a Migros cultural initiativeMonte Generoso is a Migros cultural initiative