Monte Generoso

Cog railway twin motor coaches

Number of vehicles: 4
Engine builder: SLM Winterthur
Year of construction: 1982
Type: double motor coach Bhe 4/8
Axle series: (1 A ) (1 A) + (1 A ) (1 A)
Gauge: 800 mm
Width of carriage: 2230 mm
Length of carriage: 23885 mm
Height above pavement: 920 mm
Coupling tension: 800 V c.c.
Nominal power: 800 KW a 15 km/h
Maximum speed (when climbing): 22 km/h
Maximum speed (when descending): 14 km/h
Capacity: 96 places for seating and 68 for standing (6 persons/m2)
Weight when empty: 34,1 t
Total weight:
46,4 t
Thrust: SLM gauge line with suppressor
Transmission ratio: 1:12
Radius of the cog transmission wheel: 611 mm
Distance between the axes: 2200 mm
Two resistance groups under remote control determine the start-up and breaking power of the 4 engines in 23 steps for start-up and 22 for braking.
For start-up and breaking on a 22% incline with the motor coach at full load (46.6 t) the engine develops a constant break horsepower of around 100 kN.

Monte Generoso is a Migros cultural initiativeMonte Generoso is a Migros cultural initiative