Vintage trains for romantics…
9 km of pure pleasure
on a 22% slope

A steam train from 1890, the oldest in circulation in Switzerland and a train from the 1950s, both perfectly restored, transform themselves into mountain trains enabling them to snake and climb up the track reaching the summit of Monte Generoso at an altitude of 1,704m. The panoramic carriage, also from 1890, enables you to relive the “Belle Epoque” period, comfortably seated, all the while enjoying the marvellous scenery passing by before your very eyes.
The ascent in the steam train is completed in a little less than an hour and half, whilst with the 1950s train it takes about 45 minutes.
For groups with reservations, special excursions can be arranged (from June to September).

Reopening 2016

For reservations:

Monte Generoso is a Migros cultural initiativeMonte Generoso is a Migros cultural initiative