The Insubrica Astronomy Group (GIA-MG)

The Monte Generoso Insubrica Astronomy Group (GIA-MG) is an association of astronomy enthusiasts from the Insubrica region comprising the Swiss canton of Ticino and the neighbouring Italian provinces of Varese, Como and Novara. However, anyone with a passion for astronomy from other parts of Switzerland or Italy is also welcome to join the Group. Although the sky can of course be observed with the naked eye, distant objects such as nebulae, galaxies and even planets require the use of a telescope.
The GIA-MG accordingly uses the facilities of the astronomical observatory situated at Vetta, on the summit of Monte Generoso, at an altitude of 1,600 metres.
Membership of the Group is open to anyone interested in astronomy, with no restrictions of any kind. A token annual membership fee of CHF 15.00 is requested.

Observation of the sun 
Every Sunday, if the weather condition allows it, it's possible to observe the sun with the telescope Takahaschi (with filter) or with the new instrument (LUNT LS152TH alpha), which is especially used for the observation of sun formations like sun spots, solar flare and solar prominence (with the presence of an astronomy expert from the "Gruppo Insubrico di Astronomia"). The observation is free of charge.

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Monte Generoso is a Migros cultural initiativeMonte Generoso is a Migros cultural initiative